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en-ter-prise � (en-ter-prahyz) - noun


1. a project undertaken or to be undertaken, esp. one that is important or difficult or that requires boldness or energy: To keep the peace is a difficult enterprise.
2. a plan for such a project.
3. participation or engagement in such projects: Our country was formed by the enterprise of resolute men and women.
4. boldness or readiness in undertaking; adventurous spirit; ingenuity.
5. a company organized for commercial purposes; business firm.

Everything starts as an idea. To every idea there is a concept. To every concept there is form or process. Akashi brings these elements together to achieve the definitive creation, the reality...the final product or service! Whether you are an individual charting your life's course, two or more individuals forming a group for social, civic, or business purposes, or a budding entrepreneur looking to start or expand a business; Akashi facilitates the unfolding process from start to finish.

If you share the challenge found among many who are just getting started, comtemplating career changes, or simply looking to expand and grow; but can't get past a mental, personal or organizational block, allow us to assist in nuturing your idea(s) to fruition.

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Akashi partners with Assure Coaching to offer Business Coaching services for individuals looking to start their own business and for startup companies looking to accelerate their business.


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